Website Maintenance

An effective business website needs constant maintenance, updates and backups. With the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing strategies, unmaintained websites become less effective. Website security is also becoming a bigger issue; Businesses need to ensure that their websites are continuously optimized for security and that backups are updated regularly in case of any issues.
Website Maintenance Services
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The media is constantly reporting on cyber-attacks and hacking scandals. Keep your users, visitors and customers safe with up-to-date security services.
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Keep a copy of all your website’s content, data and information updated in case an issue arises where it is needed to improve security or rebuild the site.
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Text, content, images, products, descriptions and graphics can be updated at any time, through WordPress, an easy-to-use content management system.

Website maintenance services & Pricing

Make your mark in the online business world


Get your business built online with confidence

We take the stress out of keeping the website up-to-date by doing the hard work for you. Our website maintenance packages can take care of:

Updates WordPress, theme, plugins
Backups weekly
Security Checks weekly
Website Uptime Tracking


Get your business built online with confidence

Our website management packages include an in-depth consultation to ensure that our experts and your marketing team are 100% in sync and on the same page.

Updates WordPress, theme, plugins
Backups daily
Security Checks daily
Website Uptime Tracking
Visual Modification
Update Website Content
Fixing Bugs & Errors

Keep Your Website Up-To-Date and Your Marketing On-Point.

Our website maintenance work tirelessly to continuously update websites and keep them ahead of the competition.
Our website maintenance services experts will provide:


Backup restoring

Google Analytics tracking

WordPress, theme, plugins update

Monitor SEO rankings

Uptime monitor tracking

Monthly analysis reports to show growth.
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