Reputation Management

The best form of social proof is a testimonial or an endorsement. Research found that 93% of people trust reviews that come from people they know. Still, people will trust reviews from unknown persons 72% of the time. This is why all the biggest brands highlight customer reviews on their website.

Will you be dining out at a local restaurant with 100 five-star reviews? Or the one without any reviews?

Reviews area type of social proof that we are all well-acquainted with. They have an astonishing impact on what we choose to buy and what we choose to avoid. Most leads will check three different review sites before deciding on a business to use. Your product or service alone will not win handshakes and score deals. You also need to have built up reviews and testimonials from genuine buyers.

Now more than 8 out of 10 consumers will trust online reviews just as much as we trust personal recommendations from friends. Ultimately, we are all pre-wired to hunt for reviews before settling on a new company or service.

How GradePush Works

Through our customer feedback, we were able to develop a unique tool that enhances brand reputation by eradicating damaging reviews. Want to know how it works?

Send an Email or SMS

You first invite your customers to leave a review via Email or SMS. Your customer is greeted with a message and a star rating choice.

Positive Review

If your customers provide you with a positive 4 or 5 stars review, you then prompt them to leave a public review on a site of your choosing.

Negative Review

If the customer rates you negatively with 1-3 stars, you inquire why they gave you a poor reviews and give yourself the chance to handle it.