Online Paid Ads

Small businesses usually avoid paid advertising and consider it something for later. Usually it is avoided as a means to save both time and money. Yet, even investing a small amount of cash into paid advertising can go a long way to developing your customer base. It can also generate leads, increase sales and promote positive brand awareness.

Paid advertising is a proven way to find new customers, gather leads and promote your brand. Websites like Google and Facebook have access to a mass amount of data, which means your adverts get seen by the right audience – your future buyers!
The screenshot above is from Google Ads of the actual account that we are running.

Google Ads

When a customer is searching for anything new, from a fish restaurant to a web design service, they are more than likely to check Google first. That is how Google Ads work and why they are so effective. When someone enters a search term on Google, the engine will produce a relevant ad relating to their keyword search. If you have been ignoring the best and most effective advertising platform, it is time to take a second look.

Facebook Ads

Every business has the primary aim of making money, which means more buyers need to come through the door. Thes eonline paid ads are highly targeted, meaning they are put in front of people that are likely to buy from you. This is the opposite to print or TV commercials where anybody could be watching. Consider that your Facebook ads could cost as little as $10 each day; the cost of running these ads is small – but the results could be monumental.
Online advertising has persuaded business owners to sell to a bigger market on a global scale.
It has allowed businesses to build their brand quicker and easier. For example, it is possible to reach 1000 potential and relevant customers for as little as $100 using Facebook ads. Online advertising can scale your business and increase its reach, which was not available for businesses a decade ago.

No matter what industry you are operating in, without a complete online presence your business may struggle. Online advertising is a necessity for all businesses that want to make more sales and expose their brand to more people.